All you need is your mobile phone. Digital Tom pen is now in your pocket!

Mobile Infrastructure

Accessible at all times through the mobile application.

Control Points

Barcode, image, description, and location verification can be requested for control points.

Route groups

Route group can be created for the checkpoints you use continuously. Even if the personnel change in the project, the route group remains constant.


Shift system

Route groups can be added on a person or group basis. It can be employed as day, moon or year.


When processing the field, you get information about the checkpoints instantly. You can get detailed reports.


You can assign an authorized user.


Your hardware cost falls to zero

Your hardware purchase and rental costs fall to zero.

Instant imaging from anywhere

You can do user -based transactions. All of your projects and staff can be considered instantly without the city country distance limit.

Offline Use Possibility

With Offline usage feature, you can work even in a non -internet environment.

Imaging feature

Thanks to the registration of the business photo, you can prove the process.

Unlimited checkpoint

Unlimited checkpoint

Can you follow your field staff?

Route is created by the administrator.

After the personnel group and shift definition is made, the checkpoints are determined.

This route is defined in the mobile application of field personnel.

At the point, photo, barcode, location verification preferences are selected.

While visiting the personnel points, reports are recorded to the manager.

Points can be visited in order and without sequencing.

If the route cannot be completed in abnormal case, the description is indicated.

You want your staff to take instant photos and examine the photos instantly.

You can make point detection with the created barcode.

It can give directions for the point; You can make location verification.



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Entry-exit and patrol for security companies is now very easy. Your Digital Tom pen is always in your pocket. Your reports are instantly in your hands

Hotel Cleaning Personnel

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Do you want to see the cleaning times of the hotel rooms and the works done? INFORTERTS is for you! Make a job request and follow -up instantly.

Maintenance and Repair Field Personnel

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Do your staff care and repair at different points? Plan! Check! Right! Mark your customers and assign your staff to your staff. See your task reports and transactions instantly

Shipping and transport companies

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Create routes to your vehicles according to customer demands. Follow report. Let the controls make RTS. Let your notifications come to your pocket

Travel Routes and Orienterik

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Plan yourself travel routes and times. Check the places you want to go and save your memories your photos. Digitalize your sport with your orienterik team.


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Determine the route of your police officers, irrigation staff, garbage vehicles. Remote control and control. Experience the ease of mobile use with instant reports.

Let's see how it works!

Let's see how it works!

No Tom Pen and Barcode Device with InforceRTS!

You can supervise your field personnel instantly; You can see the location of your staff, the point of arrival to the point, the evaluations and explanations at the point. You can examine the photos instantly.

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Time Tracking!

Time Tracking!

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InforceRTS At your service!

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No hardware fee
Remote Access available
There is a photo adding
There is location tracking
There is a control description
There is a mobile application
There is offline use
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